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INTRASTAT (WDT, WNT): Foreign Trade Statistics in the EU and Customs Agency Support

The INTRASTAT service (WDT, WNT) is a system for collecting foreign trade statistics, which is used to gather information on the flow of goods between European Union countries. This service is mandatory for entrepreneurs who engage in trade with EU countries, and whose value of imports or exports exceeds a specified threshold.


INTRASTAT is a system for collecting statistical data regarding the trade of goods between member states of the European Union. It operates based on the reports of entrepreneurs who are obligated to submit INTRASTAT declarations if they exceed the specified transaction value thresholds. In Poland, the INTRASTAT service is monitored by the Central Statistical Office.


There are two types of INTRASTAT declarations: WDT (Intra-Community Supply of Goods) and WNT (Intra-Community Acquisition of Goods). WDT pertains to the export of goods to other EU countries, while WNT refers to the import of goods from other EU countries. The Customs Agency SPED-TRANS II, operating throughout Poland, offers services related to the comprehensive preparation and handling of INTRASTAT declarations.

Customs agencies provide services related to INTRASTAT, including submitting the relevant documents to the Statistical Office and handling formalities associated with the process. Entrepreneurs who use the services of Customs Agency SPED-TRANS II can be assured that their documents will be processed in accordance with legal requirements, and declarations will be made on time.

The INTRASTAT service (WDT, WNT) primarily concerns goods that are imported or exported between EU member states. It particularly pertains to goods that exceed specific threshold values. For imports, this value is 5,000,000 PLN annually, and for exports, it is 2,700,000 PLN annually. For goods that do not exceed the specified threshold values, the entrepreneur is obligated to maintain internal documentation, which may be subject to the control of fiscal authorities.

How does Customs Agency SPED-TRANS II assist with INTRASTAT handling?

The Customs Agency SPED-TRANS II, operating throughout Poland, offers comprehensive services related to INTRASTAT, which include, among others, preparation and submission of declarations, data control, consultations, and ongoing monitoring of changes in regulations pertaining to INTRASTAT. By using the services of this agency, entrepreneurs can focus on their business activities, assured that formalities related to INTRASTAT are conducted in accordance with the law.

INTRASTAT at a glance

In summary, the INTRASTAT service (WDT, WNT) is an important component of foreign trade in the EU, and customs agencies are capable of providing full support in terms of formalities related to this process. As a result, entrepreneurs can avoid problems related to legal regulations and be certain that their documentation is conducted in accordance with requirements. Customs Agency SPED-TRANS II is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs who are seeking professional support in handling INTRASTAT throughout Poland.

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