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We wish to inform that our company, Customs Agency SPED-TRANS II, Barbara Kapusta, holds the status of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in the area of customs simplifications.

The AEO status is an institution of the Community Customs Code, which was introduced into the legal system of the European Union on January 1, 2008, with the goal of creating a secure supply chain and combating terrorism.

Customs Agency SPED-TRANS II Barbara Kapusta, located in Krakow, at Nad Drwiną 10 Street, holds the status of an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in the area of customs simplifications.The granting of the AEO status is an acknowledgment of the entrepreneur as an Authorized Economic Operator, that is, a privileged entity that enjoys a number of facilities in conducting trade. The AEO status granted in one member state of the European Union is recognized throughout the entire Community.

During the detailed audit that we underwent before obtaining the AEO Certificate, our company was verified for the following requirements:

  • proper adherence to customs requirements,
  • adequate management of commercial records and transport records, which enables appropriate customs control,
  • documentation of solvency.

Our company's receipt of the AEO certificate is a confirmation of our credibility and the highest quality of services provided.

The AEO Certificate ensures our clients:

  • fewer physical and document inspections compared to other operators,
  • priority processing in the case of being selected for inspection,
  • rights to prior notification if the shipment is selected for inspection,
  • rights to submit a simplified import declaration with a limited range of safety data,
  • the option to request that inspections be conducted at a place other than the customs office,
  • the possibility to waive the provision of security when customs law provisions foresee its optional submission, for example, in the case of economic customs procedures,
  • priority handling of all applications, e.g., for issuing licenses, certificates, corrections of customs declarations, etc., submitted by or on behalf of AEO holders.

Obtaining AEO status allows for more efficient and quicker customs clearance operations in international transport and guarantees the certainty of timely delivery of materials to the client.

Basic benefits for the client include:

  • significant reduction of customs clearance time (about 30 minutes),
  • financial savings due to the reduction of customs clearance times at border and internal customs offices,
  • the possibility of clearance at any time (also outside the customs office's working hours),
  • reduction of customs clearance costs by eliminating handling fees for the customs office,
  • the possibility to minimize transport costs (elimination of standstills, parking fees),
  • use of electronic data processing technology,
  • on the client's request (with a large amount of imports and/or exports), the possibility of conducting clearances on the premises of their company.

Confirmation of our AEO certificate

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