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Customs Agency in Krakow - SPED-TRANS II

SPED-TRANS II Customs Agency, located in Krakow, at the Customs Office Krakow - Podgórze, ul. Nad Drwiną 10, 30-741 Krakow, provides services throughout Poland and has been operating in the market since 1993, with customs industry experience since 1983. Our offer includes professional, reliable, and experienced services for businesses and individuals engaged in foreign trade.

In the scope of customs procedures, we cover:

Our experts deliver qualified assistance.

Our service quality is confirmed by the "AEO" - Authorized Economic Operator certificate. We also specialize in serving textile industry companies, offering them extensive experience in clearing goods such as fabrics and textile products. We cooperate with numerous companies from a wide range of commodity industries, both domestic and international.

If you are looking for a professional and reliable customs agency to help you with customs clearance in Krakow and throughout Poland, and for whom import and export are no secret, contact us. We are at your disposal and will gladly answer all your questions. Give us a chance and see for yourself that we are the best! We invite you to cooperate!

Barbara Kapusta

Why should you choose SPED-TRANS II Customs Agency services?

  • Knowledge of customs regulations - the customs agency possesses specialized knowledge of customs regulations, allowing for the proper and legal conduct of import and export throughout Poland.
  • Time and cost savings - the customs agency handles customs formalities, which saves time and money, and also avoids problems associated with incorrect completion of customs documents.
  • Minimizing the risk of errors - the customs agency thoroughly checks customs documents, minimizing the risk of committing errors that could result in delays or penalties.
  • Possibility of obtaining support in customs and tax advisory - the customs agency also offers advice on customs and tax regulations, helping to avoid problems related to their incorrect application.
  • Increased efficiency in import and export: with their knowledge and experience, the customs agency can assist in quickly navigating the customs clearance process, improving the flow of goods, and reducing costs associated with delays or incorrect customs declarations.

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